Energy boost

When I was pregnant I often felt very tired, and I found Dynamis Essence terrific. It gave me a great boost of energy. Claire Martin, Ireland


I took Purifying Essence straight after my baby's birth to clear out the drugs I had had, but also because it contains Bottlebrush, essence that is specifically for mother-child bonding. Gaia, UK

Sore spots

For a long time I have had very sore spots below the back of the knee. They did not respond to previous treatment but over the last six weeks I have been rubbing the area with Emergency Cream and now the soreness has gone - it did not happen overnight, it was a gradual process, but the improvement in this condition has been remarkable.Chris, Sydney

Menstrual cycle problem

I have been struggling with my menstrual cycle for the past six months. I used to be a regular four week girl but in recent times the cycle shortened to three weeks. I was told by a number of practitioners, including a medical doctor, that this was due to poor liver function so I went on a liver cleanse, but nothing much changed. I was given a tube of Woman Cream and applied it to breasts, and up to the neck with particular attention to the collar bone area. My next period was spot on 4 weeks, and has stayed that way. I feel that the cream was the catalyst that helped give the desired results. Louise, Sydney

Clearing nicotine

I recently took a course of Purifying Essence. At the time I was feeling sluggish, low in energy and mildly depressed as a result of too much study and computer work. The Essence did not effect immediately. Over a period of four weeks I had a lot of skin itching and nausea, but felt very alert mentally. I felt very positive even though I felt a bit ill. The most remarkable thing was the smell of nicotine dominy out of modele fingers of my right hand, I have not smoked for 25 years. I took Puryfying Essence for 4 weeks. Lyn, Coolum Beach


Another interesting case involved She Oak. A women aged 41 was referred by a pharmacist who had herd that I used Flower Essences to help women achieve conception. This woman has been trying to bečíme pregnant for 8 years and has tried every available gynaecological therapy. She took She Oak and immediately her gyneacologist discovered, to his surprise, that her hormones rose to a really good level and that she now had a perfect menstrual cycle and ovulation. This went on for 3 months and then she became pregnant. To her doctors this was a miracle. Marina Angeli, Athens, Greece

Confidence in city driving

I am a nervous city driver, and driving in unfamiliar areas I find particularly stressful. However I have found that if I take a dose of Cognis Essence before I set off I can concentrate, and focus on where I am going, and I am able to find my way with relative ease. If I ever find myself without my Cognis Essence I buy another one before I dare set out. Kaye, Sydney


Sarah was very badly sunburnt on Monday. I saw her on Thursday afternoon, and her skin was blistered and weeping. I gave her a bottle of Solaris Essence and directed her to take the drops internally. She started the regime on the Friday. I saw her again the next Thursday afternoon and was amazed at the condition of her skin. I could not even tell where the sunburn had been and there had been no peeling at all. She told me that it had been like that since th Sunday – only one and a half days after she started takin the essence. Merryl, UK

Stomach problems

Henri was visiting New Caledonia from France, and fell seriously ill with vomiting and severe stomach cramps. He tried some medications which did not work and finally was admitted to the local hospital. They checked him out but could find nothing wrong. He left hospital but was not getting any better. It was so bad that he thought of returning to France. Although normally opposed to taking Flower Essences he said he felt so ill that he would try anything. I gave him Paw Paw, Crowea, Dog Rose and Billy Goat Plum, which are the Essences suggested for stomach problems. The following morning he was OK. No vomitting and no cramps. He could not believe it, and neither could I. Previously I had worked with people, who had physical pain due to emotional or psychological reason.. This was the first time that I worked on what appeared to have been straight physical condition. Marie Mary, London

Passing peacefully

My father died of lung cancer recently. Fot the last two days of his life he would no take no liquids. I pu apple juice, which he seemed to prefer in a dropper bottle, but he pushed it away if I tried to give him some. However, he always accepted the Transition Essence although I”d never told him what it was for. It was as if he knew it would help him to pass peacefully – which it did. This combination was certainly a blessing for him. Jane, UK

Life abundance

After reading about the Abund Essence in a recent newsletter I decided to order this Essence and try it out. A few days after I started to take the essence I received an unexpected cheque for 400 USD. Naturally this was not the only area this essence affected. My relationships in family with my partner and children seemed incredibly richer. This wa typical of the excellent results I have had with the essences. Kathy, NSW

Space clearing

Recently I attended a six week course in small business management. Thirteen people, with many dreams, meeting in a room which carried different energies. The atmosphere felt heavy and there was much negativity. I took Space Clearing Essence Mist early one morning and liberally sprayed the room. The atmosphere changed immediately. With the air clear and the negativity wiped out, every person was able to continue on with the course. I only used the mist once but the effect was tremendous and it persisted. Mary, Qld.


I had a severe case of Endometriosis and had tried nearly every kind of treatment available, including many kinds of alternative medicine, but with no success. I was in pain for twenty days of every month and had to swallow pain killers before I could get relief. It was suggested that I take the Woman Essence at the Kinesiology Centre in Scotland. I know my body has experienced true healing I trew away all the pain tablets. Thanks to the Essences I have my life back. Karen, Germany

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