How are your children coping?


There is no doubt that our children and teens have had to deal with alot of change over the last few months. In Australia schools have been back a number of weeks and I’m sure you’ve all seen a mixture of excitement, anxiety and perhaps even frustration in your children and adolescents as they returned to school. This was not like going back to school after the school holidays, our kids have been disconnected from each other and their usual social groups for a very long time, for most it was twice that of the summer school holidays.

Our Adol Essence is aptly named to address the major issues teenagers commonly experience but these are common to younger children too and particularly with all the change they have faced recently. This Remedy enhances acceptance of self, communication, social skills, harmony in relationships, maturity, emotional stability and optimism.

Sporting clubs are also starting to return to training and our children are becoming more active again. Hooray! Adol Essence is a wonderful support assisting in emotional harmony and balance. Flannel Flower is one of the ingredients in this Essence and it brings great enjoyment in and wanting to be physically active.


Some of the key Bush Essences in Adol Essence that are beneficial right now:

Bottlebrush: encouraging the ability to cope with change and move on

Dagger Hakea: for releasing resentment and allowing forgiveness     
Five Corners: boosting self love and acceptance
Flannel Flower: wanting and enjoying being physically active

Kangaroo Paw: supporting kindness, sensitivity and enjoyment of people

Red Helmet Orchid: helping release rebellious behaviour towards authority figures (parents, teachers)

Tall Yellow Top: bringing a sense of belonging

From the team here at ABFE – we really hope you are all doing ok and that you're being kind to yourselves, taking a moment for some self care and to reflect on the last few months.

One last note, Ian has made available his Happy Healthy Kids Workshop as an Online Workshop this week. It's proving very popular and it's certainly a fantastic and insightful resource to support your children. It's ready to watch instantly when you purchase it in our website. Link to more details below.