Spiritual Essences


In the past couple of months, I have been discussing primarily how the Australian Bush Flower Essences are able to help us deal with issues arising from the crisis we are all experiencing around the world. Carers and Boost, our two new remedies, have been created to deal with this specific situation, especially in relation to the overwhelm; concern for the economy, loved ones, getting sick relojes de imitacion and the great uncertainty of what has been unfolding. However, this is also a time where the Light Workers are needing a great deal of support, as they are doing a lot more work in this crucial time. 

So, today I want to focus on an equally important area – the Spiritual – and to remind you of how we can take advantage of this transformative time in an extremely beneficial way working with our three Spiritual ranges of Essences. They can help lift you out of the reality of the virus and direct you inwards, to discover other aspects of yourself. These Spiritual Essences can lift you into the higher realms of your being, the source of your being.

I see all the remedies, Bush Essences, White Light, Light Frequency and Divine Presence Essences as being an amazing garden from which you can choose for yourself whatever you are needing, on whatever level - emotional, mental, spiritual etc. At this point in time I see there being a tremendous need for focusing on the Spiritual. 
There is a huge story unfolding in our world at the moment, the Light and the Dark, the High and the Low, all being brought together in this one unprecedented event. One that has been much expected and awaited and offers an open doorway for the evolution of all of humanity, which some will take while others won’t see or understand. There is great polarity at this time in the world.

In the January newsletter I mentioned we are in a global Year Four, which is a great time for slowing down, relaxing, taking plenty of rest and generally looking after yourself on a physical level. With the world in lockdown people have been doing exactly this, being less busy, travelling less and generally making sure they're healthy and their immune system is strong. It’s also been a very beneficial time for the planet with less pollution stemming from industry and humanity’s busyness.  It’s a good thing too, as we have been coming very close to the point of the maximum level of pollution on the Earth, where life can continue to thrive. Humanity needs to find a connection, harmony and peace with Mother Earth or Gaia, to be aligned with the consciousness of Gaia.

This is exactly the reason why the Gaia Essence was brought through by Spirit in connection with Gaia herself. She sees herself as “our Mother” and she is raising her consciousness in response from the creative impulses Of the solar rays emanating from the Heart of the Divine. Gaia wants us, as “her children,” to also raise our consciousness and evolve with her. This impulse is going throughout the whole universe and we are entering a new cycle. It occurs every 64,000 years. I have written about this in the December 2015 Newsletter in relation to the Solar Logos Essence